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Judi Dench—The Mantra
February 06

Judi Dench

Recently a dear friend told me that women in their 60's are invisible. She was speaking firsthand and her observation has haunted me ever since. Who wants to be invisible? Although, the model-thin, spandex-and-i-pod senior with the cherry-colored bob that frequents my Starbucks makes me think invisible isn't the worst thing.

I know my friend was not talking about the small country of family and friends who think she's a goddess. She was talking about parties where twenty-five year olds look right past her. But then, twenty-five year olds (speaking from not-too-distant firsthand) are only slightly less insecure than thirteen year olds. They are in heat and must limit their attention to chums and potential conquests.

So I believe my friend is wrong—most of the time. Because she's so smart and lovely that she glows in the dark. How could anyone miss her? But in moments of doubt I do worry that every new wrinkle makes me disappear a little more. And I know I'm not alone because I see women at Target with as much collagen cream and super-coverage foundation in their carts as I have in mine. So in those times of doubt my solution is to recite two cosmic and soothing words, "Judi Dench, Judi Dench, Judi Dench". She's beautiful, intriguing, smart and (do I even need to say it?) bad ass. And she's old. Is there anyone who doesn't think she's fantastic? And if twenty-five year old party goers don't see her, it looks pretty bad for them.



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rivka (eema)

March 28, 2010 9:42 PM

well.... first of all i did not know you had a blahg... nice...

2nd... interesting article... but i do not really relate to it.  i guess, most of my 60-something friends are still very colorful and audacious... and pretty much feel sorry for  the younger women who still have so much to learn (!).  i must say 5 times a week how much i love being the age i am right now.(altho having the body of a 40 yr old would be an advantage....) 

very nice photo bat sheli...

love, eema


April 10, 2010 9:42 AM

i just found this! why has it taken me so long?

you're right in saying that Judi Dench is for sure not the invisible type. she IS lovely. she seems to have the self-confidence I'd love to have, but I wonder if she'd say so.

Declan Vale

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