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Wild Sweet Orange

This is the original Pegleg Annie version and I never sing it without missing my accordion player and sidekick Vicki.
November 30, 2000


There aren't enough songs written about obcession.
November 30, 2000

Come Love

I remember seeing an interview with Tom Hanks where he describing Denzel Washington's acting genius. With Denzel, he said, you never know how it's going to come. Sometimes by train, sometimes by jet ...
September 30, 1999

Folding Sea

I'm not sure how, but the ocean has the ability to heal you. I miss Ocean Beach in San Francisco which was always stormy and dangerous and could make you forget things.
June 30, 2006

San Francisco Morning

January 30, 2006

Some Kind of Magic

I wrote this while I was recording the other songs for this project and I had finally reached a point where I could sing it without crying when it came time to record it. Still it took a few takes ...
June 30, 2006

The Way You Love Me

This is the only song I've ever written with my husband Chad. I'm a pretty terrible collaborator since I tend to spend a lot time staring into space. Particularly the space above and to the right of ...
May 30, 2003

Go On Home

Originally recorded with the band Pegleg Annie which included Vicki Dunton on accordion and vocals, Reed Sutton on electric, Anne Roche on bass and Pat Roche on drums.
November 30, 2000